Transition of Indian Society in 21st Century


The People’s Voice Society was constituted in the year 2009 with an objective of instilling human values, raising levels of public awareness on all social issues concerning every citizen of their rights and obligations.

Currently, we are working on changes in the social fabric of the society, which over a period of time will unify the divide that is seen in the society and ease social tensions


Indian society as in 2015

Historically, the society has been divided not only by Religions but also by Caste, Creed and Regions. Even after 68 years of Independence and a Unified Political system, the society at grassroots remains fragmented and full of divisions.

However, now there is an increasing realization by the growing younger population, Sociologists and Economists that fruits of Economic development can only be enjoyed if the various divides are minimized.

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Books that give an insight into Caste

I recently came across this fascinating article in the online edition of The Hindu and thought it might interest you too…

The challenge of caste

The challenge of caste

The Hindu Article presents a list of books you should read to get an insight in Castes.


The first of a three-part series which explores books that give us a vivid insight into caste.

Reading, for the voracious, is often like a good cup of tea. It is light, comforting and warm and lifts up your spirits on a bad day. Often, as you discover yourself and your interests evolve, you realise that the books you accumulate reflect them — science fiction, horror, history and so on. Reading books can also be a way to learn something serious, under the shroud of a story. Whether it is the political or social history of a place or even just a glimpse into unchartered territory, nothing delivers it better than a racy book, vivid with detail. And at the end of it, you will realise that the dates and facts have stayed with you long after the book is over. Here is a list of five books that deal with the issue of caste in the Indian context.

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Paper cranes are her tools to spread faith in inter-religion marriages

I found this interesting article online today, about the struggle of a young girl who is trying to promote acceptance of inter caste marriages as part of her education, and is using an unique way to go about this.

You can read the entire article at Accpetance for Inter Religion Marriages.

One of the origami cranes with the message of acceptance on the bottom of the wings is shown above. Credit: Shivani Pal

One of the origami cranes with the message of acceptance on the bottom of the wings is shown above. Credit: Shivani Pal


Petition to the government

She knows spreading the message is not enough, so she is also petitioning the government to expand its current incentive scheme for inter-caste marriage. Shivani started a petition addressed to government officials from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

“I was very happy, very surprised that the government has recognized this problem and has taken action,” she says. “I ask that they spread it.”

She wants incentives to be available to inter-religion marriages, marriages between general categories, not just scheduled castes, and include a programme with benefits to parents, such as a reward or a certificate, since they are the ones who need to be persuaded the most.

Fifty-eight people have signed the online petition so far. Manish Garg from Bangalore commented on the page for the petition: “Love knows no boundaries. Every human has the right to love and be loved. This is a good initiative to promote the ‘right to love’.”

Others shared the same opinion. Ravichandra B commented: “Inter-caste proves that we can live in unity and be free despite of the various castes and creeds in their society. They show how love and respect creates a free and happy generation.”

Not an easy sailing

Shivani has struggled to scale up the size of the project since she only works with close friends and family to make the origami cranes.

With a full time job, she only has time on the weekends to devote to the project. She knows the model is not sustainable right now, and that is why she would like to see the restaurants that participate to eventually have their employees make the cranes.

“I’m very clear, whether my marriage happens or not, this project has to take a big, big life of it’s own,” she says.

She remains optimistic about changing cultural attitudes.

“Times are changing,” she says. “It will take another century at least for the whole mindset to go. Caste will be there, caste will not disappear, but this discrimination will go.”

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Horizon of women Empowerment in India

This is a guest post by Mitul Kathuria & Smridhi Khanna, both from FORE School Of Management.

The status of women has seen a roller-coaster ride from the time immemorial, in India. From the high brows of being treated at par with men, in ancient times, through the low brows of the medieval period, to the promotion of rights of equality by various reformers, the history of women, in a ‘cultured’ nation like India, has been notable. While it is imperative to talk about culture, when one talks about India, and how women have been given the highest regard in scriptures; legends & epics, one can’t simply afford to ignore the truth that in the modern India, women have always been considered a second grade citizen, irrespective of the fact that what the ‘esteemed leaders’ have said or done. Continue reading

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Insight of Inter Caste Marriages in India…

This is a guest post by Ahrani Pulendiran.

Meaning of an Inter Caste Marriage

The People's Voice-Inter Caste Marriage in India

Inter Caste Marriage in India

Inter caste marriage refers to the marriage of couples in between two different social groups. Inter-caste marriage is considered by some to be extremely taboo for Hindus as well as sinful by almost all castes, especially if there is a complete societal ban on such marriages.

Inter Caste Marriages in India

India is a large traditional society with a rigid caste system. For centuries Indian society, especially the Hindu society, has been divided on the basis of caste system. Approximately only 11% of inter caste marriages are occurring among marriages in India. The main reason for this comparatively small number of inter caste marriages is the misunderstanding and misinterpreting of castes among those stratified societies.

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We make movies based on Dawood. It is Dawood who decides where to strike, when to strike and how to strike, whether it is stock market investments, IPL betting, or bombing with the help of ISI, other Muslim fundamentalist and terror groups who want to give India 1000 cut, but, we continue walk an extra mile wanting to appease minorities with 20 per cent vote power. We are even ready to stake national security concerns to keep a section of minorities on our side for votes without bothering even if means going easy on Dawood and his cronies. In the last few years, what is it that the ruling coalition has not done to appease minorities?

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Incentivize Inter caste, Inter community, Inter religion Marriages

ID-10087069We keep hearing and reading news about parents opposing marriages of their children if they seek their permission for marrying a person from a different caste or religion. Some even go to the extent of killing their own children in the name of family honour because they cannot accept the fact that a person outside their caste can become a member of their family. It really is sad to see such a mindset of people against each other.

The repulsive feeling between different castes is very strong especially in rural areas, the less educated and the less privileged section of the semi-urban or urban society. This stems from a deep divide of different castes amid all the religions of India.

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