Law on interfaith marrriage not against any religion



The  undersigned  The General Secretary of  THE PEOPLE’S VOICE SOCIETY  had this chance to read your interview  given to  the journalists  Mr.Chetan Chauhan and Mr.Madan Jaira .

I would like to draw your attention to a specific point of your  interview wherein you have stated in reply to a question on inter-faith marriages that the” MP Religion of Freedom  law”   is not against any religion. It is against Forced and Fradulent inter-religious marriages Which lead to Jihad and other kind of violence in the society.

As  the head of the government it is within the realm of your duties to curb lawlessness and maintain peace and tranquility in the society. But SIR, the question is  Is it happening? Is the law helping in maintaining the desired peace? My feeling is – It is not . The percentage of  such people may be very small as compared to the total population who indulge in the unlawful activities .Majority of citizens are peace loving .As a Chief Minister it is your concern that all communities  make progress. when all communities are going to interact with each other ,It is natural that relationships will develop. If such genuine relationships are going to be curbed by the same administration who is working for their advancement, Is it  not that the administration is acting against itself?

SIR, our society THE PEOPLE’S VOICE  has been working for last 5 years on the subject of inter-caste ,inter-religion and inter-region marriages .Such marriages need to be incentivised ,so that parents of marriageable age children should look for the eligible matches from other religion instead of trying to kill their own children. The incentives currently being  given  under the law –“Protection Of Civil Act Of 1955”are too meagre to produce any significant results .

According to the recent data obtained from Public Relations Department (Rewa):

yearAmount given as an incentiveNo of couples
2019-202014 Crore84Lakh742

The above data clearly indicates the rise in inter-caste marriages.

We are proposing changes to this law .It must include inter-religion and inter-region. We shall be thankful if you will form a committee to look into this matter. Our society will be willing to participate in deliberations to make a list of incentives.

Kind Regards

Prithvi Manaktala

General Secretary 

New Delhi

Tel: +91-124-245-0090

Mob: +91-92055-43360



action taken on this link –

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