Provide data on the education of Muslims

Dated 05.03.2021

Mr. Sukumar Ranganathan                                

Editior – in- Chief

Hindustan Times

New Delhi

Subject:        A Personal views of Mr. John Kurrien on Provide data on the education of Muslims 

                       Published in Hindustan Times, 03.03.2021

Dear Mr. Ranganathan,

I am writing on behalf of The People’s Voice Society, a decade old, Pan Indian, Gurgaon based non-profit organization with an objective of instilling human values, raising levels of public awareness on all issues especially social, concerning every citizen of their rights and obligations. Our vision is to see India as a developed economy, with an educated young, healthy, peaceful, progressive and vibrant society, devoid of class divisions.

When I read this line “Educational reform is critical to promoting and sustaining the development of communities (people).  I was very much stunned that how such intellectual person Mr. John Kurrien divided the community (people) in castes and asks to provide data on the education of Muslims, It seems Mr. John Kurrien believes in caste and religion but The People’s Voice Society believes on COHESIVE SOCIETY where there is no caste, no colour or no religion.

As he also wrote “When official education statistics and the 2001 Census data on Muslims was finally made publicly available, the true extent of their “invisible” comparative decline was revealed”.

As published in your News Paper that Mr. John Kurrien has been working in the field of education of disadvantageous groups for last decade. Our Society believes to unify the country’s education system should be such which does not create a distinct group, such as being produced by Madrasa.

Being a Citizen of Independent Country and a Social Activist, I would like to share my views that I am disagree on the personal views of Mr. John to collect the data on the education of Muslims and publish in print media and expose them and hammered the dignity of Muslims.

Our Society for last more than 5 years has been promoting inter-caste, inter-religion and inter- region marriages. Urging at various fora to deepen and broaden the incentives.

No laws, rules and regulations should remain in force which different segments in the Society. 

Action Taken on this news link –

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