Letter being sent by The People’s Voice Society to all the Independent Contestants of the Country who stood in the 17th Lok Sabha 2019

Honourable Sir,                                                                                                                                                                                                

Independent Contestant,

17th Lok Sabha. 2019.

Sub: Some suggestions for your knowledge and to act upon for Making India a Cohesive Society through Inter-caste/ Inter-religion / Inter-region marriages and party-less Parliament. Please do read the letter, it is a request……….

2019 Parliament election had very high number of Independent candidates you are one of the honoured ones. Under the present political system it takes a great courage to fight as an independent. It is ironical that powerful political parties side-line those persons who have the conviction and capability of serving the Nation. Even those who win their voices are not heard as power lies in the hand of the political parties, which forms the Government. Since, Independence Nation has been divided as legacy of British rulers into different castes, religions and regions for creating vote banks. How can we become a powerful nation with divided citizens fighting amongst ourselves as we are today?

Let’s now say few words about our Society. We are known as “The People’s Voice Society”. We have taken upon ourselves the task of making India a Cohesive Society for last 5 years though we are 10 years old prior to this we had engaged ourselves on bringing about changes in different fields. If we start mentioning those it will take much of the space. There is one act known as “The Protection of Civil Rights 1955”. Under this act if a person of lower caste marries another one higher caste, the Central and State Government pool to pay as cash incentive to the couple. Though the act is 64 years old, but it is still not very popular amongst those who could be eligible to make claim under the provisions of the said act. This was enacted by Central Government but implemented by State Governments with contribution of funds from Centre. Though RTI applications we learnt the number of persons applying for incentives were dismal. Since then we have been making representations at all possible forums to increase the incentives many folds and also include inter-religion and inter-region, as India needs to become cohesive from all angles. Only inter-caste marriages will not bring the desired results. Since we started making representations, Government of Haryana and Government of Odisha increased to Rs. 2,50,000.00 gradually up from Rs. 50,000.00 in the case of Haryana and Rs.2,00,000.00 gradually up from Rs. 20,000.00 in the case of Odisha. As per the news report Haryana showed an increase of 3 folds in the year 2018 over the year 2017. Similarly, in Odisha there has been significant increase. This statics establishes the fact that incentives will work. We have made several suggestions to Government on incentives such as reservations in jobs, income tax exemptions, free education for children etc. to mention a few. The population of India 20-30 years hence will be multi-religious and multi-cultural, Harmony amongst the citizens will have direct impact on the economic growth.

It may be pertinent to mention here Late Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in his prepared speech titled “Annihilation of Caste” for delivering at the Annual Conference of 15th May 1936 of The Jat-Pat Todak Mandal at Lahore, which in fact remained undelivered due to withdrawal of the invitation due to some objectionable contents it purported to have contained as the organisers. Since he had got 1500 copies printed at his own cost were distributed. In Para 20.5 of the speech he writes “I am convinced that the real remedy is inter-marriage. Fusion of Blood can alone create the feeling of kith and kin, and unless this feeling of kinship, of being kindred, becomes paramount, the separatist feeling—the feeling of being aliens—created by castes will not vanish”. Off course Dr. Ambedkar was at that time talking of inter-castes marriages what we are professing is inter-religion and inter-region as well for all round unification of Indian Society.

The new project, which we are planning to take up is “Political Reforms”. We are sure you will agree there is corruption inside all Political Parties without exception. In fact the provision of exemptions under the income Tax is being misused quite widely. We have obtained record through RTI there are certain regional parties who have hardly fought any elections yet they have availed the exemptions to which they are entitled? We will be putting before the public for their consideration a “New System of Governance” based on party-less parliament. In such a parliament, every member should be an educated professional politician coming out of a University dedicated to education on politics. Every constituency should be represented by a local home grown person not an implanted one. The exit age of Lok Sabha should be the entry age into Rajya Sabha, the house of elders should truly be a house of ELDERS, without any provision of nominating decoration pieces to a House where a serious business of Governance is to take place. The Parliament should elect Prime Minister and other Minsters and control the functioning of Government. The voting in Parliament should be on the basis of consciousness rather than party whip. Parliament should be functioning throughout the year with a set timetable rather than the whims and fancies of Government in power. In the event of Prime Minister losing confidence of the House a new one will be elected, thus avoiding the mid term election, with Parliament sitting for full term simultaneous election can become realty. Every law should be enacted with validity, which will require it to be reviewed and revalidated. There should also be periodical review of constitution. The Society keeps evolving, each generation has a right to decide for itself by what laws they want to be governed, constant revalidation of laws and review of constitution will make it possible.

We have tried to convey broad picture on both the Projects on which we are working, if you will give us time to discuss both the issues in greater detail and explore the possibility how we can associate with each other for the good of our country, shall be appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Kind Regards,

Prithvi Manaktala,

General Secretary,

Phone: +91-124-416-4000

Mob: +91-92055-43360

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