Sent Letter to Ms. Nusrat Jahan Ruhi- Honourable Member of Lok Sabha

8 July 2019.

Ms. Nusrat Jahan Ruhi,

Honourable Member of Lok Sabha,

New Delhi.

You deserve many many congratulations not one, since you have achieved commendably well which has attracted attention from all quarters.

First of all starting a married life and political life at the same time, starting even one at a time requires so much of effort. Secondly, your actions publically will help in bridging the divides in the social structure of Indian Society. The People’s Voice Society would like to wish you a very Healthy and Successful future. May God Keeps You Blessed in all your endeavours of serving the country.

Now coming to sharing of the background and the profile of The People’s Voice Society. We are a decade old NGO out of which last 5 years we have been working on putting our efforts on making India a more “Cohesive Society” rather than a fiercely divided society as at present caste lines, religious lines and regional lines.

In the year 1955, Parliament passed an act known as “Protection of Civil Rights Act of 1955”. This is a Central Act but to be implemented by States with funds contributed by Central Government. The main provision of this act is to incentivise the marriages between upper and scheduled castes. 64 Years later you will notice many persons do not even know about it.

Our efforts have been to be engaging with;

a) MPs/ MLAs / Ministers at both State and Centre Level to make changes in the law to increase incentives and include besides castes, religion and regions.
b) Media House for not to make headlines in newspapers or make such shows on TVs which divide the peoples of the country.
c) With Universities and Colleges to conduct such workshops / debates which can make the society more cohesive.
d) With Icons in the Society to take this idea further into the Society.

Changes in any Society takes a very long time before any change can be felt? After 5 years we have started feeling some change, some of which we would like to share with you;

a) Many English TV channels have significantly shown reduction in airing such programs, which highlight or can cause divisiveness in the Society. However Hindi and Regional channels have not yet shown such a change.
b) News papers: Everyday we scan around 11 news papers looking for such news, but lately find steep reduction.
c) Haryana and Odisha have increased cash incentives from Rs. 50,000.00 to Rs. 2,50,000.00. Three fold increase in the claims filed under the scheme have been recorded in Haryana in 2018 over 2017. Similarly Odisha has shown increase. Other states will sooner or later follow this path.
d) Jind Khap Panchayat, which comprises of 24 of Haryana villages until a year ago was against any inter-caste marriage, now they have announced a historical decision. No person in these 24 villages will use surname, instead all will use the name of the village as surname. In this manner the caste to which a person belongs will not be known. Khap has now vowed to promote inter-caste marriages. When this Khap has issued directive, we had engaged with them advocating the advantages of making India a Cohesive Society.

Ms. Jahan, there are more such instances which makes us feel our efforts will bring in the desired results some time in future and the generation which is yet to be borne will benefit from it.

We would like to have personal interaction with you if you will kindly spare some time out of very busy schedule? The purpose of the meeting would be to your views on this subject which will help us to amend / change the course of our efforts.

Waiting to hear from you,

Kind Regards,

Prithvi Manaktala,

General Secretary,

The People’s Voice Society.

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