Books that give an insight into Caste

I recently came across this fascinating article in the online edition of The Hindu and thought it might interest you too…

The challenge of caste

The challenge of caste

The Hindu Article presents a list of books you should read to get an insight in Castes.


The first of a three-part series which explores books that give us a vivid insight into caste.

Reading, for the voracious, is often like a good cup of tea. It is light, comforting and warm and lifts up your spirits on a bad day. Often, as you discover yourself and your interests evolve, you realise that the books you accumulate reflect them — science fiction, horror, history and so on. Reading books can also be a way to learn something serious, under the shroud of a story. Whether it is the political or social history of a place or even just a glimpse into unchartered territory, nothing delivers it better than a racy book, vivid with detail. And at the end of it, you will realise that the dates and facts have stayed with you long after the book is over. Here is a list of five books that deal with the issue of caste in the Indian context.

The House of Blue Mangoes


Vasudeva’s family

Gardener in a wasteland

Toss of a lemon

Read more about a synopsis on this book from here…

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