We make movies based on Dawood. It is Dawood who decides where to strike, when to strike and how to strike, whether it is stock market investments, IPL betting, or bombing with the help of ISI, other Muslim fundamentalist and terror groups who want to give India 1000 cut, but, we continue walk an extra mile wanting to appease minorities with 20 per cent vote power. We are even ready to stake national security concerns to keep a section of minorities on our side for votes without bothering even if means going easy on Dawood and his cronies. In the last few years, what is it that the ruling coalition has not done to appease minorities?

They have been given or promised universities, courts, ministries, budget and Islamic banking. We hit the bottom recently when the Union Minister for Minority Affairs suggested setting up a SIT to go into details of charges against ‘Muslim Youths’ who are in jails. Why? Doesn’t the Minister trust Indian judiciary? Just the other day, the Congress spokesperson, Shakeel Ahmad said that Indian Mujahideen (IM) was formed as a result of post-Godhra incident. Another spokesperson of Congress went a step further saying he is not even sure of existence of IM. This must have been music to Pakistan’s ears. According to Shakeel, he was relying upon a report from NIA. Fine. In such a case, why not rely upon NIA report which states Ishrat was a terrorist? Why different standards?

Batla House encounter case is a unique one. The courts have sentenced the culprit to life. Headlines Today reported from Azamgarh stating: “This verdict comes in the holy month of Ramzan?” What is the channel implying? For some time, Azamgarh almost became a place for pilgrimage for some politicians and media personalities.  While the secular brigade keeps blaming a section of society of being communal, but are deaf and dumb when the Government decides that No Midday meals for Non-Muslim students during Ramzan in schools in Malabar, Kerala. “What is the message and for whom is the message?” During the month of Ramzan, India is reluctant to hold elections, lest minority voting per cent drops, but, Kuwait being a Muslim country holds elections during Ramzan.

This might come as a surprise to many. According a 1970 Gazzette, Delhi has 488 burial grounds for Muslims though only 30 are in use. What happened to rest 458? That is a lot of land. But, Delhi is ruled by secular brigade. In spite of court orders, the Delhi Government has been going slow on removal of illegal structure of a mosque. If one was to go by current mood, Church is an integral part, Chisti is a scientist, Bukhari is a great man, Mirwaiz is ok, Yasin Malik is Gandhinian, Owaisi is a secular leader and it is only Modi who is communal. Who is defining secularism? We have seen Kashmir helplessly; next, should we wait and watch for Kerala and the North East?

Some of us may not be aware but Indian Muslims are mentioned as ‘Hindu Muslims’ in their application for Haj. But, then it is a matter of Haj subsidy, which is available only in India, not even in Muslim countries. Who is teaching us secularism? How long will India appease minorities? To what extent will India bend to keep minority vote intact? How long will Hindus suffer to prove their secular credentials?


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  1. KRD says:

    This article is baised towards a particular community. It is neither an objective nor neutral analysis. It will be in the interest of all the citizens and the country to keep religion within the confines of private realm of each individual. As long as ‘religion’ figures in the prime public space of a pluralistic country like India, its citizens are bound to suffer in the hands of those who would like to exploit in the name of religion to serve their selfish interests.
    Jai Hind!

  2. v k k says:

    Rightly said KRD.We should realize that ours is a multi religious ,multi -lingual ,multi-ethnic country.Our constitution guarantees equal rights to all.Those who are bringing religion or caste to political realm are trying to disturb the very social fabric of the country.Hindus being in majority should play the role of of elder brother in safeguarding the interests of their muslim christian or sikh brotheren .

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